How Can B2B Lead Generation Companies Get The Most Out Of Cold Calls

One must master the art of gathering useful information even from unhelpful people to make the most out of cold calling . The article suggests ways of soliciting useful information from unresponsive persons to make cold calls more productive.

The Global Associates B2B lead generation companies have to deal with objections, clarify expectations and try to overcome initial resistance and reluctance of the prospects as a part of their daily routine. Cold calling is a potent tool in the bag of B2B lead generation companies but it can be quite frustrating at times. It gives a sales organization an opportunity to get in touch with a prospective buyer, build relationships and earn the client's trust, but only if one knows how to make full use of it.


Dealing with unresponsive people:

Cold calling gives you an opportunity to present your case by reaching out to new people but sometimes you can run into a solid wall of resistance. You can utilize this tool for generating new business only if you know the art of using an initial conversation to solicit useful information. The million dollar question here is how do you achieve this objective if the person on the other end of the call is completely unhelpful. One often encounters people who are not willing to help at all, and helping them help you is what can make cold calling more effective. Here are a few tips for dealing with persons who seem uninterested.

If you have called a wrong contact:

Having right contacts is essential for a B2B lead generation company but what if you call someone only to find that he/ she is not the right person? If you just hang up in frustration, you are letting an opportunity go waste. You can still gather some useful information from this unintended person. For example, you can try to get the name and contact of the "right person", or even try asking them for a referral. If you are successful, you may get some useful business intelligence or contact.


If you are facing a competition:

Every big organization deals with many vendors and naturally your B2B lead generation agency may not be the only company in the fray. Chances are that you may be told by the prospect that they are already getting the work done by some other vendor or their own in-house teams. The challenge lies here in prolonging the call because the prospect would want to end the call quickly. Unless you have a good response ready, you will be shut down and lose the lead right here. Do a thorough research beforehand to know if they have any issues with their vendor or if you can help them achieve more efficiency and productivity. If you can catch their attention, your purpose is served.


Cold calling can be a useful tool for B2B lead generation services only if they are able to gather information and business intelligence from seemingly unhelpful persons. Rather than considering cold calling as a burden or a formality, it should be used to garner useful information and generate new business.

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