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3 Step Formula For Effectively Boosting Sales Lead Generation

Generating quality B2B Sales leads is never a walk in the park, you have to clear a lot of objections and answer the questions put up by the prospects in a satisfactory manner. The post offers a formula for satisfying the prospect’s queries quickly and for efficiently boosting Sales Lead Generation.

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Maximizing Sales Lead Generation is one of the toughest jobs in the world, especially in this era of super-busy decision makers and ever-intensifying global competition. Using innovative methods and well thought-out strategies is the need of the hour to boost sales lead generation in this era of technological revolution; however the first step in the process is inevitably to clear the doubts and objections raised by the customers. They won’t come forward with you unless you are able to allay their apprehensions and answer their queries in a satisfactory fashion.

Following is a 3 step formula for efficiently boosting Sales Lead Generation:

· Unearthing their objections:

Empathizing with the customers to uncover their objections to know more about them is always the first step in your effort to boost sales lead generation. Have a set of pointed questions to elicit this information from the prospects. Once you are aware of their doubts and objections, it will be easy to go on and clear them.


· Preparing a list of effective responses:

Having identified the main objections of the customers,you should strive to prepare a set of effective responses for these objections. They may put up questions about the quality, price, suitability, or service etc- you should be ready with responses to counter these objections. Your reps should have a list of responses ready in such a manner that they may satisfy the prospect as soon as the objection is raised.


· Make it an ongoing process:

Keep adding to the list to make it more exhaustive and effective.Always be on the lookout for possible objections and prepare responses for them. It’s better to prepare multiple responses for each objection as it gives you a chance to examine their effectiveness. Rank the responses according to their success rate based on the experience of your reps.


Clearing the doubts raised by the customer is an essential step for the success of your sales lead generation campaign. Identifying the objections and preparing effective responses will help you form sustainable business relationships with your customers.


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