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Perhaps the most frustrating experience for The Global Associates Lead Generation Services could be to come across a customer who refuses to buy from them after they have invested a huge amount of time on the lead. Qualifying a lead is a costly and time consuming affair for lead generation services, a prospect moving away at the last moment is like a catastrophe to say the least. There are several knee-jerk reactions sales people often resort to in such a situation, however, the best thing would be to take your lessons from this failure and then quietly move on to more promising leads. Let us discuss some lessons one can take from a failed lead.


· Don’t just move on

The first impulse for lead generation services in such a situation is to curse their luck and move on to another promising prospect. However, is it prudent having invested so much time and effort on this lead? Shouldn’t you try to know why the customer said “no” just when you were expecting the deal to be finalized? Invest just a little more time and investigate the reason for your failure.


· Don’t waste too much time

It’s quite natural to put in some more effort to persuade the customer to try your product or service despite their refusal. You should, however, just not do it blindly without rethinking your strategy or judging their level of motivation. Try learning your lesson but don’t waste too much time, you have already invested a lot of time and effort.


· Identify the reason for their unwillingness

Moving on without learning your lesson or wasting more time on the lead will render all the time you have invested an absolute waste. It’s important for lead generation services to try to learn their lessons, they might come handy for future leads. Ask the prospect and identify the reason why they are not interested in buying from you. A ready counter for their objection still might turn the deal in your favor. It’s essential to find a counter if you don’t already have one. Noting down the objection and appropriate counters for them will definitely help you in future to avoid such situations. Keep a copy of these objections and counters handy for all sales people; this list will prepare them better for dealing with various objections and make your sales process more effective.


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