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3 Hurdles You Need To Overcome For Effectively Boosting Lead Generation In India

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If you fail to convince most prospects during your first conversation that they should get in touch with you again, boosting The Global Associates Lead Generation in India becomes a near impossibility. Maximizing lead generation in India is one of the toughest jobs in the world, it becomes even tougher if you don’t possess the art of clearing the first hurdle itself and often watch dreadfully your call getting terminated within the first few seconds. The first few seconds of a call often decide whether the sales process is going forward or whether prospect is going to shut you off right there. Let us discuss some hurdles that make your journey forward difficult, hurdles you need to overcome to bag the deal.


· Lack of time (on prospect’s part)

Today’s decision makers have a premium on their time, and that’s the biggest challenge for you in your effort to boost lead generation in India. Those all important people have a set of priorities and you may figure quite low in that list. You need to respect their precious time, keep your call short and precise if you want to be heard till the end.


· Lack of substance (in your script)

If you don’t have anything substantial to offer in your script, you cannot expect them to spare time and listen to you. Do your homework and make sure you are calling the right person. You must have something worthwhile to offer for their industry, their specific needs, and that’s possible only through a thorough research about their organization.


· Lack of motivation (on customer’s part)

You often run into customers who lack motivation to do anything about their issues, and that’s a big hurdle in your way to try and boost lead generation in India. The customer is likely to go ahead only if they have the motivation to solve their issues. Judge their level of motivation first, otherwise you are knocking on a closed door, wasting your time and effort.


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