Appointment setting is always a tough job; convincing super-busy decision makers to grant an appointment is never easy. The post discusses some genuine reasons these important people might not respond positively to appointment requests.

3 Genuine Reasons Decision Makers Might Not Respond
Positively: B2B Appointment Setting Services
3 Genuine Reasons Decision Makers Might Not Respond Positively: B2B Appointment Setting Services

The Global Associates B2B Appointment Setting Services perform the important task of getting their clients in the same room with the desired decision makers. This is naturally never a walk in the park; and B2B Appointment setting services worry about the lack of a positive response from these top executives. Getting an audience from the decision makers is often virtually the matter of life and death for appointment setters and their clients; they won’t award an appointment unless they find a convincing reason for it.

It can be frustrating:

It’s obvious to feel frustrated if the people in the top positions fail to respond to your approaches. A considerable amount of time is invested by B2B appointment setting services working through their contacts to finally get an audience on phone or exchange an e-mail with the desired decision maker.It never feels good if you are not received well. All your effort seems to have gone waste if they blank you out.


However, to be fair to the decision makers, there could be so many reasons for this lack of responsiveness on their partsales people fail to appreciate from their viewpoint. Some of these genuine reasons could be following.

· Lack of time:

Today’s decision maker is extremely occupied, they have their own priorities.It’s very much possible your prospect is just not finding time to consider your request or get back to you.Don’t assume the lead is dead and get disheartened; try again for the appointment.


· Lack of clarity:

The decision maker needs clarity, they won’t award you an audience if they don’t see any point in meeting with you.This will happen if they are not clear about what you are offering.You must send your product/ services literature or clarify things on phone.


· Mode of communication:

Many decision makers don’t favor going through written communication; they won’t even see your mails. Try to ascertain their preferred communication medium - phone calls, video conferencing or meeting personally.


There is no need to panic for B2B appointment setting services in case a prospect fails to respond. There could be so many genuine reasons for this unresponsiveness, one must try again and ascertain the real reason why they didn’t respond.


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