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3 Essentials For Telemarketing Companies In India To Successfully Deal With Gatekeepers

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The biggest hurdle in the way of The Global Associates TelemarketingCompanies In India while trying to reach out to the top decision makers is thepresence of the call screeners or the gatekeepers. Today’s decision makers havea thousand fires of their own to put out each day, they develop a naturalaversion to the unsolicited sales calls; They put up several layers of barriersin the form of these gatekeepers around themselves making it very difficult fortelemarketing companies in India to approach them.


Dealing with the gatekeepers:

It’s necessary for telemarketing companies in India to deviseways to deal effectively with the call screeners in order to approach thedecision makers without wasting too much time. Following are some essentialsfor achieving this objective.


· Do your homework first:

Never make a call without doing your homework about thecompany and the desired executive. It’s absolutely necessary to have the exactdetails about the name and designation of the decision maker, and know aboutthe functioning and requirements of the company to make a good impression onthe call screeners. They will get suspicious if you lack this knowledge.


· Honesty is the best policy:

If you are thinking about bluffing your way through,remember call screeners are experienced people. They can easily recognize yourdeception, and that will be the end of the road for you. It’s best to try and convincethem that the company stands to gain if the decision maker meets with you. Soundlike a problem solver rather than as an outright sales person.


· Value of politeness:

This is strictly professional, gatekeepers are merelyperforming their duty. One should not feeling antagonistic towards them. Alwaysbe polite and courteous, try to give them a positive message about the utilityof your products/ services for their organization.

Reaching out to the decision makers is the foundation of thesuccess of telemarketing companies in India. Devising ways to effectively deal withthe call screeners is the first step in the process. Some essentials forachieving this objective is to do your homework before calling and be honestand polite with the gatekeepers.


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